Monday, January 26, 2009

Barry Is Already Effing Up

Ahhh my 1st post via Blackberry. Let's go!

But yeah, down to the matter @ hand. Barack Obama is already making policy changes that don't really make too much sense. This link ( ) goes to an article where he outlines a plan to make all the states able to independantly make fuel economy and emmission standards for their own states. That sounds GREAT until you dig deeper and really understand what that means. Car companies will have to cook up differing versions of different cars for different states. That could be a logistical nightmare. Adding millions if not billions to the cost of the vehicles we buy. Wnd furthermore who do you think will PAY for all of the extra R&D? We will. Every time the government mandates some new "thing" for auto makers to accomplish or add to cars. WE end up paying for it.
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